How to use the Parent's area and Team Unify

Monson utilises a system called 'Team Unify' to help with the admin and running of the club. Members can use this online system for automatic payments, gala entries, checking attendance levels etc. You can also download an ap called "on deck" to manage this from your phone.

Below is a quick guide the "My Account" area of Team Unify

  • Each family that swims with Monson has an "account" on Team Unify
  • Each swimmer will be a "member" in the account.
  • Parents who are ASA members will also appear as members in the account often as 'Dry members' (or not if masters swimmers)
  • Parents receive an initial email via team unify titled 'Your password to access RTW Monson On-Line' please follow the attached link to create your password.

Once you have created a password you can login to Team Unify. This can normally be accessed via the 'sign in' section of the website


Please Select "My account"  from the menu on the left and then "My Account"


Look for the tabs labelled "Account" and "Member" 


Under "Account" Please check and update your details:
The picture below shows what to put in each box.
You can add a picture of your self if you like.

If you make any changes please remember to click the one "Save" button


Under "Members" Please check and update your details:
The picture below shows what to put in each box.
The boxes which are greyed out cannot be changed - if you spot any mistakes in these please email:

Please double check the members Legal names, Preferred name, Gender and Date of Birth. These are the boxes that are often wrong and this can cause problems when entering galas.

You can add a picture of each member, please make it a sensible one, when the swimmer moves squad the coach may look at the pictures to help learn their names.

Please enter the Swimmers GP details in the medical section, if there are any medical conditions that the coaches need to know about please add them to the medical information box.

The Biography area can be ignored for the moment.

You can ignore the ASA/Swim England section for the moment - this will need to be checked and completed when membership renewals occur in the.


You can always get back to Team Unify from the web page by selecting "Parent Sign In"


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