Our Officials

Being a swimming Official is a way you can keep yourself occupied, meet new people, learn some new skills, help your swimmer(s) and also help the club.
All events, galas and competitions need volunteers and officials for them to run and for some of them to be ‘Licensed’ to allow the swimmers to get official times helping them progress to Counties, Regionals and Nationals. There is no requirement to know anything about swimming before starting the process of becoming an official. We have a great team of officials at RTW Monson, but there is a constant need for more, to help spread the work and also as swimmers move on so do their parent officials. Training to become a swimming official is fairly straightforward and there is generally lots of support available. The only real requirement is to get a set of ‘whites’ - the general uniform of officials.
All parents should be helping and supporting the club in some way or another - so please consider becoming an official, it can be a great way to give back to the club and make the hours spent at galas go so much quicker! You also get to be poolside and see the swimming up close. It can also be useful to help your swimmer(s) learn from their mistakes and to help you, and them, understand why they might have been DQ’d!
Training to become a J1 (Judge level 1 - the first level of swimming officials) is now available online. For more information about officiating please visit the British Swimming Officials page here

Or contact our Officials co-ordinator Matt Edwards via our club secretary here

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