Team Galas

RTW Monson takes part in a number of leagues throughout the year.  These include the Diddy (M11) League, the Kent Junior League and the National Arena League.

If asked to swim for the club, do so with pride and commitment.  Swimming as part of a team is as rewarding if not more rewarding than swimming in an open meet for yourself. To be offered a team place is an honour, we are a club and every swim counts. 

It may not seem important or necessary to parents to have to travel miles to a team gala for maybe only one swim in one event, but just to swim 50m in a relay team for example is very important to your club, it is a team effort and if one person isn't available to swim, it can affect the whole team.

Depending on the location of a league gala, the club may arrange for coach transport for the team.  A match fee contribution of £10 per swimmer is required from all team participants (whether or not they travel on the coach).  Travelling on the coach is a great way for the team to bond (not to mention that it ensures everyone arrives on time!) and there is usually a quick stop at for a pizza on the way home.

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